Что делать, если украли мобильный телефон

My iPhone got stolen – what to do

My iPhone got stolen – what to do

Nowadays, there are probably no people who do not have cell phones. Needless to say, even retired people have got the simplest cell phones in order to be constantly, as they say, “in touch”. This is well understood by people who are used to stealing, simply put, by thieves. They know that banal theft from the pockets or purses of the citizens of their phones, and if they are lucky, even smartphones or iPhones, will help them to increase their wealth. What should you do if you put your hand in your pocket or bag and do not find your phone in its usual place and realize that it has been stolen?

Что делать, если украли мобильный телефон

It is necessary to fight! For people who immediately decide for themselves that nothing can be done, that no one will look for anything, there is no point in reading this article further. Those who will try to do what is necessary in this situation should first of all make a mental plan of possible successive steps. The main thing is to act calmly and collected.

The control call

The very first step is to try to call your phone either from a second phone or by asking a friend or passerby for the device. If the loss is found quickly, there is a chance to hear a familiar ringtone, and then the further actions of the owner will depend on his athletic and physical fitness. Or maybe the phone will silently vibrate in the bag, reassuring its owner – it also happens.

Report a stolen cell phone to the police

Сообщить в полицию о краже мобильного телефона

If the phone does not respond, you need to immediately report the theft to the police and be sure to write a statement. And in the statement it is necessary to specify the fact of theft, and not of loss, otherwise the police will do nothing. And they will have to officially respond to a formally written statement, and in order to do that, they will have to take some actions. A small, but important detail the statement should not be written at the place of registration, and at the place of the incident.

You should also be sure to write down the number of the application. On it you can find out the name of the investigator who will investigate the case

. It is not superfluous that once a week (more often is not necessary, because you can hear a lot of details that are not relevant to the subject of the conversation), call the investigator and find out the fate of the missing phone.

Block the SIM card

It is necessary to block SIM-card. It is necessary to do at once to those subscribers who have on the account a rather large sum of money. Other victims should not be in a hurry, it makes sense to do this action later, after a couple of hours. It is possible that the thief will risk to call someone without changing the SIM card, and then the police with the help of the mobile operator will be easier to identify the thief.

Find out the phone’s IMEI

The difficulty is that not all subscribers have any idea what it is, let alone name it accurately.

IMEI is 15 numbers that are unique to each phone; it’s like a fingerprint or retina.

You can use this code to figure out where your phone is, and mobile operators can block it from working on their network. This “code” is present in four places in the “insides” of the phone, on the outside if you remove the battery, on the packaging, as well as it is necessarily written in the warranty card. There is another way to find out the IMEI of the phone you need to dial #06# on the keyboard and record the combination. If you are lucky, and the intruder does not think of replacing the phone and IMEI (there are such craftsmen), it is quite possible to find the gadget by this individual number, if the relevant authorities wish, of course.

Что делать, если украли мобильный телефон

Practice shows that if the phone is not found within a month, you will have to, alas, to “bury” it. In the vast expanse of the Internet there are sites that unite people who have lost or stolen cell phones. There, people describe their favorite gadgets, telling where, when and how they were stolen, wishing the thieves all the “good”.

You can join the comrades in misfortune and pour out on the forum all the things you’d like to say in person, looking in the eyes, to a man who’s not squeamish about living by thieves’ laws.

And then it’s time to think about what the next, most beautiful and beloved phone will be.


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